Why practice prenatal yoga?

The general benefits of yoga include reduced stress, increased strength and flexibility, improved focus, and an overall sense of well-being.

Specific to prenatal yoga is practicing alignment that takes into account your changing hormones and body, so that you can still experience a complete yoga practice but one that is appropriate for you at each stage of your pregnancy.

In a prenatal class you get postures modified specifically for pregnancy—not necessarily to make the poses “easier,” but to make them more safe and accessible.


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Prenatal yoga addresses specific discomforts that are common during pregnancy like sciatica, low back ache, indigestion, and low energy.

You will learn how to use your practice to create space and movement in your body, find some relief, and allow yourself to rest and relax.


Prenatal yoga is a wonderful opportunity to create community among women who are sharing a similar experience.

Classes begin with a check-in to see how everyone is feeling and there is open discussion throughout class to share questions, concerns, and ideas. It’s a prime time to develop a network of friends to support each other along the path of pregnancy and parenthood.

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Prenatal yoga can also help you prepare for birthing your baby.


Many poses and positions which are helpful throughout pregnancy can even be used during labor itself. In classes, intensity and endurance in poses can be used as a way to practice breathing and relaxation techniques to work through discomfort. We also explore how your partner can assist you in various positions and breathing techniques that may be helpful as you birth your baby.