Reasons to Consider Private Yoga Instruction

Private instruction can be a good starting point or addition for anyone who feels hesitant about classes or about starting yoga in general.

It offers the opportunity to truly begin wherever you are and progress in a manner that suits your needs at that moment.

Private instruction takes into account your health history (injuries, surgeries, illnesses, etc) and can modify poses until you find the appropriate version or alternative.

You will learn how to get into and out of every pose safely and use props to assist in making every pose accessible. 


People often say they can’t do yoga because they’re not flexible (or strong, or fit, etc).

The fascinating thing is that we never think that way about any other physical endeavor or sport — this idea that we should already be able to do it before we learn how!

You don’t start playing a sport for the first time and expect to master it before your first lesson. Why do people feel that way about yoga?

Just as in everything else, there is always a starting point, no matter how active you are already. And there is always more to learn and ways to improve your health and well-being.


The goal with both private instruction and classes is that
everyone experiences some challenge and some reward.


Yoga is often described as a practice of “just enough,” meaning that each person does enough to challenge themselves and grow from the practice, but never to the extent of “too much,” to the extent of injury or harm.When people seek out private yoga instruction, a common theme is often that they feel uncomfortable in a group class for some reason.

These reasons may include:

  • Feeling self-conscious because of a perceived lack of flexibility, strength, or fitness;

  • Feeling that they can’t “keep up” in a group class

  • Having limited mobility

  • Recovering from an injury or illness

  • Needing to modify their practice and not wanting to take extra time and/or receive extra attention in a group setting. 


That said, some people prefer private instruction for other reasons entirely:

Some people seek private instruction that want a sport-specific strength and flexibility practice; want to focus on a specific style of yoga, like restorative; or have a specific concern that needs extra attention (back pain, recovery from injuries, fertility issues).

Whatever the reason, private yoga instruction is a perfect way to get personalized attention and feedback. It allows you to focus on personal goals, address injuries or chronic health issues, reduce beginner anxiety, or deepen an already established practice. 

Why take private yoga at Sophrosyne, New Mexico?

Our studio in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque is the perfect place to practice yoga. Our “oasis” is nestled in the quaint farming community that is fed by the Rio Grande river. A community of farmers that makeup the life-blood of Bernalillo county, have maintained this safe and beautiful part of the city. The Village of Los Ranchos is not only one of the best places to experience true New Mexico, but it also has great views of the Sandia Mountains and is centralized for a quick drive from many part of Albuquerque.

Our studio has large windows that open up to our courtyard lined with Fig and Pomegranate trees, and a great view of the Sandia Mountains. After your session, take a walk along the network of arroyos and ditches that irrigate our city.